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This summer I served in Zambia on a team of college students serving the orphaned children. I was given a built-in community filled with believers and people who had similar passions as me. I felt like this was the Lords wake up call to me, as He showed me what true gospel center community looks like. The Lord was so clearly telling me and teaching me how to instill vulnerability and accountability in my existing friendships in order to bring authenticity to them. I have been praying through this and working to be the hands and feet of Jesus in my daily life. While this has been draining and hard at times it has also been so fruitful and encouraging to see the different ways that God has showed up. I have been humbled with the fact that I cannot do anything in this world without my Heavenly Father. Gospel center conversations are no where near possible without God’s willingness to transform people’s hearts. God is at work in my life and in the people’s lives around me and I feel so encouraged by the fact that I get to see this and get to be a moving part in God’s masterpiece.

Grace Cooksey is a junior at The University of Arkansas where she is majoring in communication. She is active in her community, church, and her Pi Beta Phi sorority.

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