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Christmas Blessing Exchange

This Christmas, give the gift of words with this fun Blessing Exchange.

Put all the names of family or friends to participate in the celebration and draw them out. This needs to be done ahead of time so the organizer can do the draw. It’s important to randomly draw the names and not assign them. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to be involved in the drawing.

Instructions for each family member:

You have been given a name through a random drawing. Please pray over this person, then write out a blessing for them. First, ask the Holy Spirit for a word that He wants to bless them with. Then ask what He wants to say about this word and write it out as a blessing. Have everyone write or type out their blessing and on the day of celebration take turns reading them to one another so everyone can hear.

• The Father wants you to know that He is so proud of you and loves you more

than you know.

• Your desire for the outdoors and adventure is inspiring.

• Your protective nature is truly admirable.

I see a huge river of emotions bottled up by heavy duty flood gates bursting open and flooding your life with love and compassion.

I bless you with the love of The Father and the love of this family! I pray that the adventure and passion that God has instilled in your heart flow out of you into your marriage and all your relationships. May your future passions be blessed as you grow as a person, husband, and part of this family. We love you Jeremy and pray blessings on all of your hearts passions.

Merry Christmas,

Love, [your name]

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