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Over the last year, I started to meet regularly with a small group of women for accountability and discipleship. Part of our time together is dedicated to confession. God has given us a safe place to admit where we have come up short and neglected to nurture the spirit of Christ in our lives. Our quiet and focused conversation creates space for me to be honest about the ways I have failed to love my family, been unkind or impatient. Sins come out of the dark and into a human presence of grace and forgiveness. This regular practice of confession means that sin and shame do not stack up inside me. As I look into the attentive faces of my friends and admit my failures, I know that I am not alone. It’s God’s steady grace that allows me to unburden my heart in the company of those who listen and understand. As we move from confession, there is a feeling that our hearts are lifted and the mood becomes lighter. God has set us free to start again. What I’m telling you isn’t splashy or dramatic. The effects have been slow-building and are likely not evident in a public way. Week after week, we continue to meet and God’s unseen presence is with us. Together we summon the courage to tell the truth and by God’s grace the truth sets us free.

Lori Anderson is my guest writer today. Lori has served in church ministry for many years, drawing all of those around her into love, joy, and deep intimacy with Jesus. It has been a joy and an honor to partner with her along her journey.

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